James Lambert is a Boston-based artist.  Recent projects have focused on exploring the pictorial with object oriented approaches to making.  Additionally, Lambert is involved with several collaborative efforts including cofounding the papermill Artist Made Paper and the artist group JAWS.

Contact: jameslambertstudio@gmail.com
Instagram: @jameslambertstudio


Massachusetts College of Art—MFA

Rhode Island School of Design—BFA

Exhibition Record


In 2015 I began a set of works called Stacked Paintings that set forth some concerns in my work that I am still working through.  One of those was a question about the interrelationship between the image of a painting, and the body/object/structure that it rests on.  Disturbing that link has led to some interesting investigations.

The Stacked Paintings are a set of roughly 200 panels—some painted, some bare— that can be stacked, layered, rotated and spaced out against a wooden beam.  Gravity and the beam hold the improvisational “painting” together.  Similar to how modern day cairns serve as temporary records or landmarks, I see these stacked paintings as situational constructions.

My recent projects have explored abstraction and visualization.  The offset paintings take a simple motif, usually stripes, and slip the imagery out of its physical boundary, wrapping around the opposite side.  A small copy of the original motif hovers, letting the viewer see both conditions simultaneously.  The sprayed paint sometimes participates in the offset effect or imparts a perceptual, spatial aspect to the situation.

The January series involved producing a piece a day for the month of January, 2021.  Each piece holds a different figuration that explores the geometry of the common form.  Taken as a whole, the field of pieces mutate and mesmerize like an animation.  Individually, the pieces invoke different pictorial concepts, sometimes feeling descriptive, diagrammatic or spatial.







MassArt Annual Auction


Yeah, I’m Doing Alright

Winter Exhibition

Engaged, Resilient, Global

Next/Now: Faculty Exhibition

Boston Key Party: Drawing Swap and Exhibition— Presented by JAWS group

Looking at Power and Privilege: A BHCC Visual Media Arts Faculty Show

A Salon at Sugar Mountain

New American Paintings (NE), Issue 122
curated by Sarah Montross

MFA National Juried Exhibition, curated by David Ross

South of no North, East of no West, curated by Brian Edmonds

Chill, Zen, Funk and Twang, curated by David T. Miller

Boston Young Contemporaries, curated by Lucy Kim, Michelle Samour and Matt Phillips

MassArt Annual Auction

MassArt Thesis Show

National Wet Paint

MAAM Museum, Boston MA

Katzman Contemporary, Dover NH

MassArt X SOWA, Boston MA

Stove Factory Gallery, Charlestown MA

Mary L Fifield Gallery, Charlestown MA

Carol Schlosbert Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA

The Stove Factory Gallery, Boston MA

Pao Arts Center, Boston MA

The Magenta Suite, Exeter NH

First Street Gallery, New York NY

Historic Lowe Mill, Huntsville AL

Curating Contemporary

808 Gallery at Boston University, Boston MA

Bakalar and Paine Galleries, Boston MA

Bakalar and Paine Galleries, Boston MA

Zhou B Arts Center, Chicago IL





Awards and Honors

Beker Family Grant—2014
Dean’s Scholarship—2015


Canvas Rebel Magazine, “Meet James Lambert”

Eraser, Curating Contemporary (upcoming)

New American Paintings, No 122, Northeast Issue

Cate McQuaid, “New Talent,” The Boston Globe, online

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Massachusetts College of Art

Teaching experience includes a wide array of courses and disciplines at colleges in the Boston area.

  • Independent Drawing Project (in RISD drawing concentration)
  • Figure Drawing
  • Narrative and Metaphor
  • Two Dimensional Design
  • Three Dimensional Design
  • Composition and Color
  • Color Theory
  • Basic Drawing
  • Observational Drawing
  • Observation 2: Mediated Observation
  • Visual Thinking
  • Comic Book Art
  • Issues and Images
  • Digital Imaging for Artists
  • Introduction to Painting
Teaching Experience

Ball State University
(Assistant Professor of Art, Drawing)

Rhode Island School of Design

Massachusetts College of Art  

Bunker Hill Community College

Mount Ida— School of Design

Montserrat College of Art

Endicott— Van Sloan School