Artschwager Theme Color Studies

This assignment is inspired by Richard Artschwager’s well known artist book “Door, Table, Basket, Mirror, Window, Rug.”  As with the reference, students must repeat and arrange six objects of their choosing to some compositional end.  This might be to create a pattern, design, or narrative picture.  Three drawings are then selected to become painted color studies using gouache.

Bunker Hill Community College 
Various Collage Based Assignments

Design Kit:  Each student receives a print out which can be deconstructed and used as parts for a suite of non-objective designs.  Focus is on invention, creating simple and complex forms, using positioning and repetition to controll the eye, and utilizing scale shift and variation to create dynamics.

A second phase introduces students to the iterative process.  At this point the works need to have a clearer system of emphasis and refine their linguistics.

Modular Problem:  The motiffs are created and duplicated.  These must then be arranged in a grid.  The challenge is to create unity out of the disjointed arrangement.  

Class: Composition and Color
Bunker Hill Community College
Sculpture/ 3D Design

Self-Representation Wall Relief:  Students select a concept for a self portrait, and then expand upon a limited set of basic shapes to generate volumetric form and expression.  Emphasis is put on developing variation, pattern-making and texture.

Inflatable Sculpture:  After completing cardboard form studies of altered cubes, students must work in teams to realize the same form in collosal scale.  Materials are simple— just plastic dropcloth, trashbags, packing tape and air.

Other Projects Pictured
—Painted Objects
—Sequential Planes Sculpture
—Wall-based Assemblages

Three-Dimensional Design
Mount Ida School of Design

Elements of Form
Bunker Hill Community College